Imprudence Visualised – It’s Here!

Finally It’s Here! Year and 4 months in the making! Enjoy! The last thanks, yet definitely not least, is Mick McDermott (check out his brilliance in cinematography – Transvision) Without your wisdom and generosity, the shoot would not have gotten off the ground! Champion!  

2 Days to go! Imprudence Video Release

HEY WOW YO!   So there’s only 2 days to go until Parker Avenue releases it’s first ever music video clip. Pretty exciting aye?! If you missed the last post, no worries. We’ll fill you in…   From it’s humble storyboard first written up Oct 2015, it’s taken 1 year … Continue reading

Finally it’s finished! Imprudence Music Video Clip

Hey! Wow! Talk about a while between drinks… Well this ain’t about drinks, at least not yet.   Finally we’ve finished it! Our favourite song from our last release Imprudence visualised! Parker Avenue’s first music video clip! It’s been a year and 4 months worth of effort divided into planning, story … Continue reading